Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Peru ': the earth splits open and sowing panic!

In the Peruvian city of Socosbamba, Piscobamba district in the province of Mariscal Luzuriaga, the earth is opening up creating chasms in the fields, in the streets and even in buildings.
The Peruvian authorities have declared a state of emergency in 19 municipalities in the district.
For about two months the soil Socosbamba was affected by the formation of cracks and craters that have continued to expand unabated in the fields, in homes and in schools by creating fear and anxiety in its 900 inhabitants, informs El Comercio , a local newspaper. This phenomenon is due to sudden expansions and contractions of the soil caused by the saturation of the soil followed by a rapid drying or by heating followed by subsequent cooling.

Last Saturday, the Peruvian authorities have declared a state of emergency in 19 municipalities in the district Piscobamba. "After this decision, the city expects to receive more aid and faster than it happened so far," the paper said.
Because of this strange geological phenomenon, the region's population is living without running water and electricity, and schools are closed for two weeks. In the camps, the cracks have an average size of 2.5 meters deep and 60 cm opening.

The newspaper reports that "the cracks widen overnight".
Teachers of secondary school town "Carlos Gómez Argote" reported that the first cracks have appeared on 15 March and today the building is completely unusable.

Source: RT

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